All the internal parts of the vehicle usually require the close attention of the owner but the most important one that needs to be closely monitored is the air intake system of the vehicle. The air intake or injection system of the vehicle is built with a lot of care in order for the automobile to operate maximally and with great efficiency. The tundra air injection pump system is an important part of the internal combustion engine system of the vehicle, operating as an air pump of great force. Its functioning is based on the enhancing of the air velocity until it travels into the automobile's combustion chamber. This reduces the turbulence and the flow restriction of air.


There are automobiles which have superchargers and their intake air system pressurized, hence this part is tweaked extensively to continuously enhance the performance of the car. In this generation the air intake or injection system is modern and it is composed of three major parts which include the air filter, mass flow sensor, as well as the throttle body. A silencer is installed in the modern cars to minimize the noise that enters the cabin. The major function of the silencer is to ensure that turbulent is created which in turn hinders the airflow thus reducing the total power of the engine. Read more about cars at


The toyota tundra secondary air injection system are developed with varied lengths so that the air can vibrate and be available at certain preferred frequencies. The main purpose of the length is to assist the air flow to the automobile's combustion chamber. The recent cars being marketed have large automobile throttle bodies and the air filters that are big so that the restriction of the air flow may be decreased, and this in turn increases the gain of power.


One thing concerning the air injection system that the automobile owner needs to know is regarding the air and the fuels that require to burn and penetrate through the cylinders car. The air filters function as the passageway of airflow to the carburetor and it is here where the air blends with the flow, and this is only possible with the modern car engines which are fitted with the carburetor.



Air temperature sensors ensure that the carburetor icing is prevented from happening, thus making the fuel vaporization into stream of air to occur. The incoming air needs to be measured to keep close check of the functioning of the car.